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A warm welcome to Jade Tree Healing!

Guiding women to unleash their inner wisdom so they can flow with the seasons of their soul.  Jade Tree Healing offers Yoga Classes to help women tune into the wisdom of their bodies.  Our prenatal and postnatal yoga classes support your body and soul through the changes from pregnancy and life with a newborn. The conscious birth journey helps you prepare your body and mind so you can create an empowered birth experience. Women's Yoga Retreats are a sanctuary for you to rest, grow and listen to the whispers of your heart.  


I am Jadine Hertz

Founder of Jade Tree Healing

Yoga Instructor Birth Worker and Women's Retreat Facilitator 

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Praise for Jade Tree Healing

Rachel, Prenatal Yoga Portal Member

I really enjoyed the range of classes and the fact that there were shorter and longer classes too, as a yoga newbie you explained things very clearly and I felt the pace was perfect!

Robyn, Prenatal/Postnatal  Yoga Portal Member

I used to practise yoga once a week. I looked forward to my weekly yoga class as it felt like a treat. Now I can enjoy it whenever I like! I don't have to wait and I don't have to for the scheduled day, I can practise whenever I like!

Anonymous, Prenatal Yoga Series Participant

I ended up having a natural birth, which was so so hard.. but using the breathing techniques and affirmations taught in class really helped me get through most of it. So thank you very much again! 

Tiesha, Prenatal Yoga Portal Member

I was looking for a new way of movement during my late stages of pregnancy, as an aerial instructor I felt like my pregnant body had taken movement and my fitness away from me. I just couldn't achieve the things I once could. That's when I found Jadine. I had a month trial of the prenatal online yoga package and absolutely loved it. It gave me a reason to move my body & stay strong all whilst knowing that what I was doing was completely safe for both me & baby. I was also pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use the website & follow the videos. As I had never practiced yoga before the different options were a godsend, and the breathing tutorial was very much appreciated to help me relax and destress during the difficult days that we all have. I would 100% recommend any pregnant woman to give this a go, you won't regret it!

Abi, Prenatal Yoga Portal Member

You serve the community as an INCREDIBLE Birth Worker & Yoga Teacher!
I can't recommend this lovely lady enough! She kept me sane during lockdown!! You don't need to be a long time yogi to take part - prenatal yoga is soo gentle and relaxing on the body. I always felt like a new woman after my time with Jadine. She is just the most beautiful soul to connect with! I know Jadine personally, I used to do yoga and have reiki at a local studio with Jadine before COVID. She is honestly a Gem. Your pregnant body will thank me later!

Robyn, Conscious Birthing Course Member

 Overall I feel like my biggest challenge was feeling mentally prepared and supported for birth. I had a lot of fears and anxiety about giving birth. Having someone as knowledgeable and supportive as Jadine there to answer my questions about my body and birth, and provide a customized program to help me work through specific anxieties or areas of physical discomfort each week, was a huge benefit throughout my pregnancy journey. She was supportive in so many ways, and it has made a huge difference for me. 

Carol, WeeklyYoga Class Particip

Absolute beautiful young lady who is an inspiration! I love yoga classes with Jadine!

Chrissy, Weekly Yoga Class Participant

Why choose Jade Tree Healing?
There is something very special about Jadine and her yoga classes.The classes are tailored to your needs, stretching to help you develop your practice, fun and exceedingly nurturing.She is both sincere and genuine in her passion about what yoga can bring to your life.If your looking for a teacher that accepts you as you are, wants the absolute best for you and shines brightly, which then encourages you to shine...I would recommend her without a moment's hesitation.If you're looking for depth of knowledge, acceptance of you, your body and your abilities and a warm lighthearted approach Jadine is your woman.

Ruth, Weekly Yoga Class Participant

Anyone who hasn't tried Jadine's gentle yoga sessions yet, or not even tried yoga at all, then I encourage you all to try her class. You're never too old to start yoga (I was 60 and never looked back)! I thought it was just me, but I think it is everyone who practises yoga. It may take a while to get used to and develop the poses, but without a doubt you will feel so much at the end of every session, body, mind and soul! I feel as though I am walking on a cloud after every class... who doesn't want to feel that way?!?! An enormous thank you Jadine!

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