About Myself

I'm thrilled you have connected with Jade Tree Healing.  In a nutshell, I am a free spirited Canadian woman moving through life at the beat of my hearts desire. Intuitiveness, self-love and fluidity are my style. I have aligned my purpose into   supporting and empowering women around the world through prenatal yoga. I support ALL levels of being as a deep value of mine is nurture ALL aspects of our being for Empowerment. I am currently residing in North Wales with my partner, whom I met on my travels in Australia.


Professional & Personal Bio

Internationally certified 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training | Internationally certified 85 hr Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training | Registered member of the  Canadian Yoga Alliance

I have been practising yoga for 7 years and teaching for a few years less than that. I have travelled around the world with Yoga & Meditation, advancing my practise in Canada, Bali, Australia and the UK.

Trained as a Yoga Instructor, Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Instructor, Reiki Therapist & Life Coach. 

My journey into yoga and personal empowerment began from a time in my life where I experienced severe anxiety and underwent a big body shift that I felt I had no control over. I felt the battle between my head and my heart, I was lost, uninspired, extremely aggravated with myself and life, felt a pit in my belly when I looked at myself in the mirror. A yoga class a week was the beginning of a deep inner transformation that grew me into who I am today. It was the beginning of a  journey deeper into yogic philosophy, practises, mindfulness and self love!

Who am I today?

A free spirited, joyful and empowered woman, living from my heart and standing strong in my intuition as I trust myself and my journey.