About Myself

I feel grateful you have connected with Jade Tree Healing. 

​I'm Jadine.I am a free spirited Canadian woman moving through life at the beat of my hearts desire.  I have spent my early adulthood traveling around the world. I always say YES to and adventure, I am a deep conversationalist and my intuition is my super power!

The classes and connections I facilitate with you have a nurturing and gentle nature to them. I believe in the benefits of yoga for your whole body, not just your physical so you will find the depth that you may be craving in your practise and journey by connecting with me. 


Professional Bio

Internationally certified 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training | Internationally certified 85 hr Registered Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training | Registered member of the  Canadian Yoga Alliance | Certified Life Coach | Reiki Therapist

At the age of 18 I began investing in my wellbeing and living my life with my heart & soul leading the way.  I began Yoga with hopes that the practise would help me heal the panic attacks I was suffering from. At that time, there was a battle that took place between my head and my heart. Yoga helped me heal my panic attacks and calm the battle within. I became so passionate about wellbeing and the benefits yoga  provide that I dreamed of one day sharing the benefits with others to support their journeys.

A year later I took control of her life’s journey and steered my course in a different direction. Everything fell into place for me, for the first time I felt aligned with life. At the age of 19 I found the courage to backpack Bali & Australia on my own. I continued my connection with holistic modalities by dabbling in different styles of yoga, meditation and energy healing in the various locations I visited.

After my “walkabout” around the world I knew that I wanted to spend most of my time on this earth supporting women with their wellbeing! In 2017 I became accredited after taking a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training through he Canadian Yoga Alliance. I was ready to guide women on their mats to feeling good within! I started my own business as a Yoga Instructor and Holistic Therapist in the United Kingdom which is where I settled for 4 years with my boyfriend. I am a gentle instructor that guides you into awareness of your body and energy as you move on your mat. Many say my style of teaching is nurturing.

Many of my connections were supporting pregnant women and women going through IVF, as I collaborated with a Fertility Acupuncturist. From my connections I was inspired to support my clients on a deeper level, which is why I became interested in training as a Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Instructor. It wasn’t until 10 women announced their pregnancies between the months of January and March that I signed up for the 85 hour Prenatal & Postnatal yoga teacher training! I took that as a sign from the Universe telling me this is a community I am meant to support.

Since launching my Prenatal Yoga Program I have supported numerous women with their pregnancies and child birth preparation.