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Birth Preparation

Welcome to your Birth Knowledge Section of your membership! In this section you will explore the following topics

Pelvic Movements in Labour & Delivery 

The Truth About Lithotomy 

Alternate Birthing Positions 

Re framing Pain in Labour & Delivery 

Conscious Birthing

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Postnatal Necessities 

Perineal Massage 

Please know that all this information is shared for you to take from it what you need. Always listen to your maternal wisdom and body. 

Labour Inspiration

My contractions aren't bigger than me as they are me! 

Pelvic Movements for Labour

By tilting your pelvis forward and backward, also known as cat and cow positions in yoga, you are keeping your SI joints supple and fluid. 

Keeping your pelvis fluid in labour can support baby's movement through the birth canal. 

When you reach the final stage of birth, tilting your tailbone back can prove helpful as it draws your sit bones apart, creating an opening of your pelvic outlet. 

Follow this video below to bring awareness to your pelvic tilts. These movements are also known as cat and cow poses, in yoga, you can find these movements in the yoga classes. When you connect to the poses in the yoga classes an awareness is brought to both the upper back and pelvis. This video is for your pelvis awareness only.


The Truth About Lithotomy

Lithotomy is the birthing position often seen and associated with a hospital birth. Semi-reclined with feet in stirrups on a birthing bed. Anatomically this position is not very supportive of baby’s passage through the birth canal for several reasons. 

  • It is sacrum fixed. Which means this position interferes with your SI joint movements and opening of your pelvic outlet for the final stage of birth 

  • It is anti gravity for the baby.  Baby is having to move “uphill” through the birth canal

  • It can increases tension and strain in your Pelvic Floor Muscles and SI joints

  • Your hips are often externally rotated which contributes to narrowing your pelvic outlet 

  • You are in a fixed position

I encourage you to speak with your birthing team - midwife, doctor, OB-GYN about your options. 


Alternate Birthing Positions

There are alternate birthing positions that can be explored which allow your sacrum to move, are gravity assisted “ down hill” and allows movements into and out of various positions. 

These various positions are… 

Lying on your side with top foot resting on pillows


Draped over the head of the bed / side of birthing pool

On all 4’s 

Prenatal Yoga gives you the valuable opportunity to mobilize and prepare your body for various birth positions. 


Reframing Pain In Labour & Delivery

The physiology of pain is complex and the experience of pain depends on several factors unique to each person. Beliefs, expectations, past experience/conditioning, future anticipation/anxiety , ear and sense of control all play significant roles in our individual experiences. 

Exploring pain management and relaxation techniques ahead of the time can be beneficial to discover what might work for your in labour and birth. A prenatal yoga class can again be a valuable setting to explore options, providing you with knowledge and potential tools like mindfulness, breath awareness, breath control. body scanning, distraction, affirmations, mantra etc and of course the opportunity to practise using those tools.

The purpose of pain in our bodies is NOT to signal tissue damage but to alert us of threat (real or perceived). pain is a protection mechanism. We typically associate pain with damage and harm and therefore, tend to recoil and move away from all things related to pain. In the case of labour and deliver however, the pain sensations experienced with uterine contractions are signalling and preparing your body for baby arrival into the world. This s not a harmful/threatneing event. This is what a women’s body is designed to do if she so chooses. Re-framing expectations for birth from a painful often fearful experience to be avoided and run from, to an intense but amazing process women are specifically made to do/handle can be a very empowering message. It can dispel fear and avoidance and give women a sense of courage control and meaning which can all directly affect a women’s pain experience. Embracing uterine contractions as a positive sign of progressing labour, with each surge bringing a mother closer to meeting her baby.  


Conscious Birthing

Let go of controlling the outcome of your birth. Surrender to the uncertainty of your birthing journey. As mothers learn to release tension in their body and dis- ease in their mind they are able to find a deep level of acceptance and trust. The process of birthing a baby into the physical world is unfolding exactly as it is supposed to. I invite you to allow the control to dissolve to flow with each contraction by releasing fears, control and power. Begin to tap into your natural ability to birth with ease and reliance. 

As you birth, you journey into the wisdom of your own heart and begin to tap into your intuitive wisdom. 

Womens body are miraculous. Our wombs embody creations and so it begins again and again with each birth, each baby and each new mother. We must trust that our bodies know exactly how to birth, how to move with each contraction how to connect to our babies and how to centre our awareness in our hearts. 

Opening your eyes to the reality that birth is intense, heartfelt, scary overwhelming emotionally exhausting and sometimes physically traumatic, but it is also miraculous beautiful empowering tender and filled with so much pure and unconditional love. It has the capacity to expand and transform you and asks you to dig deeper than you ever have before. 

I invite you to create your birth plan with your birthing team. I prefer to call it birthing preference, as a plan feels concrete. That way you feel prepared for any changes in your journey that may or may not arise. 


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