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Conscious Birth Journey

  • 52Weeks
  • 40Steps


Helping Women Create an Empowered Birth Experience The Conscious Birth Journey takes Mom's to be through many layers of birth preparation that include physical preparation, birth education and building a birth mindset all to create an empowered birth experience. The whole method is to... -Take part in physical preparation with Prenatal Yoga Classes -Take part in Pain Coping learning and activities to implement pain coping tools before birth -Educate yourself about how birth unfolds in your body, from the stages of labour to birth hormones to changes in your brain to positioning -Take part in mindset practices and learning to create a resilient, open minded and self compassionate mindset for birthing your baby and parenthood by getting to know your birth beliefs, values, fears, how you define being strong, and more. -Put some things in place before baby arrives to create a smoother transition into the first 6 weeks with a newborn. This is a self led program with access to the content for 12 months.

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