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8 Limbed Path for Modern Motherhood

The ancient Indian text, known as the Yoga Sutras, written by an enlightened sage named Patanajali. 

The ultimate purpose of the Yoga Sutras is to experience an effortless state of being.

The 8 limbed path, known as Yoga Sutras can help couples and mothers create a calming, loving and supportive environment with dealing with the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual challenges of being new parents in the western world. 

The 8 limbed path for modern motherhood is an exploration of yoga philosophy that may bring about insight and resonation in your journey. Take what resonates and leave what doesn't. 



The yamas are ethical rules or moral commandments that each and every being could incorporate into every day life in word, thought, action and deed. 5 unique yamas that could be observed, followed and practised individually but collectively as vows to the Universe.

Ahimsa (Non-violence) - Kindness and on-violence to all living things with belief that all living things are connected. 

Have you found yourself often affected by the thoughts and words of others? Do feel the need to be a "good mother" or the "perfect mother?" This can create an unrealistic expectation that generally stem from approval from other mothers, family members and friends. This need for approval can create a competitive and judgmental environment, as the need to keep up with others overrules the need to nurture. Rather than judging others for the way in which they choose to nurture their baby, I invite all mothers to simply  encourage and respect one another and honor their individuality and the uniqueness of each and every baby. 

Satya (Truthfulness) - The truth, in thoughts and word in every aspect of ones' life. The essence of satya, is living a truthful life without any harm to others as well as themselves. 

For a new mother trusting the innate wisdom within can be challenging. A mothers intuition should never be questioned, yet most mothers do not trust their own decisions or listen to the prompting of the heart when tending or caring for their baby. The importance of not comparing the growth and development of a baby just to "fit-in" or embellishing stories that surround childbirth for acceptance can create negative energy and deplete the purity of truthfulness. With each day, you begin to learn the language of your baby by listening to the sounds of each distinctive cry, gurgle, moan, burp and giggle, encouraging confidence and trustworthiness. When you tap into your own truthfulness, this raw transformation entices an untouchable purity than can surround baby with honesty that will carry forth into adulthood. 

Asteya (Non- Stealing) - The act of non-stealing, non-hoarding and not obstructing other peoples desires in life is asteya. This act involves material objects, ideas, possessions, as well as selfish motives towards others that may be harmful. 

Brahmacarya (Containment of desire) - Brahmacarya has a number of different meanings. It can be an observation of one's desire towards sex, food and taste as well as material worth. 

The journey of motherhood can be filled with pressure, more so if is the first baby. The lack of confidence can often bring on losing the sense of self.  Brahmacarya comes in as some women choose to fill a void in purchasing an excessive amount of material items. Women go from being employees, colleagues, wives, partners to being a mother. The challenge of caring for a baby each day without constant interaction with other adults does not come easy for some women. Being silent and still are not only foreign but can be quite scary as mothers can no longer hide from their emotions. The focus on this yama, is how to deal and cope with the desire to be more than just a mother and to ask " Why is being a mother not enough?". Focusing on brahmacrya becomes about observing the person within and wholeheartedly accepting her.

Aparigraha (Non-possessiveness) -  Is the act of taking what is only true necessary and no more. Non-hoarding, non-attachment and non-grasping to material items, ideals and thoughts. Use only those possessions as tools to further accomplish the goals in life. 



The niyamas are spiritual practices that can be observed by an individual at a personal level. Like the yamas, there are 5 niyamas that create a code for living a meaningful life, which help to encourage self-discipline and inner strength necessary for progression along the path of yoga.

Sauca (Cleanliness) - Sauca not only refers to outer cleanliness and care of personal hygiene, but also inner cleanliness. The important of maintaining and living a healthy lifestyle, not within the body and mind as well through positive thinking is the primary focus of sauca. 

Eating nutritious foods and removing negative thoughts of jealousy, anger, pride and guilt are important cleansing aspects of sauca. 

Positive thinking is one of the more important components of sauca. 

Santosa (Contentment) - Contentment with what we have, rather than focusing on being unhappy with what we don't have. Santosa is relative to modesty and humility, a humbling state of sense in accepting the truth for what it is.

The ultimate goal of santosa is to attain a sense of calm and happiness, accepting that life is a process for growth and out of this growth comes wisdom and knowledge. 

Tapas - Tapas can be described in many ways as motivation, commitment and dedication and is opportunity to free ourselves from unnecessary distractions. It can lead an aspirant towards liberation through the method of personal transformation by learning and understanding how all faucets of ones life are merely tools for self-realization.

Svadhyaya (Self Study) - Self-reflection and the observance towards knowing ones' self is savdhyaya. It allows aspirants and insight to themsleves and brings clarity to the connection we share with others. 

Isvara Pranidhana (Surrender to the Divine) - The Divine is whatever resonates with an individual. A higher power that could be God, the Universe or simply the Divine within. Whichever it is that one worships, the central teaching os isvara pranidhana is that the act of surrender must be absolute.


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33 Positive Affirmations

Postnatal Necessities

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Intuitive Life Coaching

Intuitive Life Coaching is similar to Traditional Life Coaching where key questions will be asked to help you get clarity on your goals and develop a plan of action to move forward in achieving those goals. An intuitive life coach uses their specialized skill set to guide you on how to listen to your heart, your intuition, to find clarity on the goal that will support your overall wellbeing. The sessions will include mindset development as it is your own thoughts and emotions that may hold you back.

The difference in working with an Intuitive Life Coach to working with a Therapist is that an Intuitive Life Coach focuses on future based thinking. These sessions focus on solving your present problem by taking action to move forward in your life.

Depth is added with the guidance of connecting with and trusting your own intuition so that you can make decisions from a place of empowerment. The transformation you can create from working with an intuitive life coach is receiving clarity on your direction in life, feeling confident in making decisions, trusting in the direction you are headed and empowered.


Intuitive Life Coaching Services

Soulful Mama Sessions are facilitated online through Zoom connection. You can book a free 30 minute discovery call with me to find out more about Soulful Mama Sessions.

Soulful Mama

Can help with: Postnatal Depression/ baby blues, anxiety/panic attacks, anger, resentment, relationship problems, self esteem, sadness, stress, struggling to make decisions, stuck through pandemic, lack of motivation, uncertainty about life direction

Soulful Mama Sessions focus on supporting your transition into Motherhood so that you can feel steady amongst the changes that are taking place. Motherhood is a big transformation that takes place internally and externally. Two births take place. The birthing of your baby and the birthing of you, as a mother. It is common to feel disconnected from yourself and a sense of overwhelm. Soulful Mama sessions are for you if you are searching for gentle support in moving through your transition so that you can step into Motherhood from a space of trust, self love and patience.