"Give yourself permission to shine bright in this one life you have, shed the layers that prevent you from being your authentic self."

Jadine Hertz


Intuitive Life Coaching

Intuitive Life Coaching is similar to Traditional Life Coaching where key questions will be asked to help you get clarity on your goals and develop a plan of action to move forward in achieving those goals. An intuitive life coach uses their specialized skill set to guide you on how to listen to your heart, your intuition, to find clarity on the goal that will support your overall wellbeing. The sessions will include mindset development as it is your own thoughts and emotions that may hold you back.

The difference in working with an Intuitive Life Coach to working with a Therapist is that an Intuitive Life Coach focuses on future based thinking. These sessions focus on solving your present problem by taking action to move forward in your life.

Depth is added with the guidance of connecting with and trusting your own intuition so that you can make decisions from a place of empowerment. The transformation you can create from working with an intuitive life coach is receiving clarity on your direction in life, feeling confident in making decisions, trusting in the direction you are headed and empowered.


I have known Jadine for a few years now, first starting with reiki sessions then leading onto yoga and prenatal yoga. I love her energy and connect with her so well. When I heard about her introduce her intuitive coaching I just HAD to give it a go... I'm so glad I did! Jadine's balance of getting you to dig deep and challenge yourself but approaching it in such a gentle and authentic way is just incredible. Jadine's expansive knowledge of connecting to out feminine energy and intuition is just nothing short of magic, her insights in to feeling and being with out emotions and challenging others is just game game changing. I have so much more awareness of myself and my desires now, my inner voice has never been stronger, just taking the time to be still and ask yourself "What am I feeling?" Holds so much power. Jadine has so many beautiful resources to help guide your through your coaching and get the most out of it for yourself- you won't be disappointed!



Sacred Feminine Program

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