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3 Best Active Birth Positions

Lying on your back in Lithotomy isn’t the only position available to you to birth your baby. It certainly isn't the most supportive position either. In this article you will learn 3 alternative birthing positions and why they are more supportive than lithotomy.

What is Active Birthing?

Active birthing is when you choose to move your body into different positions in order manage your contractions and guide baby through the birth canal. Studies have shown that active birth can help your labor progress.

3 Active Birthing Positions

  1. On all fours

  2. Squatting

  3. Lying on your side

All of these positions have one thing in common and that is pelvic movement. Pelvic movement is a key player when it comes to child birth. Movement of your pelvis can help guide baby through the birth canal.

Squatting is gravity assisted. Using gravity is helpful with progressing your labor.

These positions take tension and strain off your pelvic floors muscles.

Why Lithotomy isn't as Supportive

  • It is pelvis fixed. This means you are unable to move your pelvis to assist baby's movement through the birth canal.

  • Anti Gravity. This means that baby is working against gravity and going uphill through the birth canal. You want to connect with positions that are gravity assisted, such as squatting.

  • It increases tension and strain on your pelvis floor muscles. This means that you are more likely to tear.

If you’d like to prepare your body to be comfortable in these positions.

If you'd like to learn more about pelvic movements and active birthing than I invite you to inquire about the Pregnancy Yoga Program.

In this program I help you prepare your mind and body for child birth. You will receive access to child birth resource content, prenatal yoga classes and more.

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