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3 Facts About Prenatal Yoga

Are you wondering if prenatal yoga is worth doing in your pregnancy? I invite you to explore this blog to discover your answer!

Firstly, I am curious. When you think about prenatal yoga, is stretching your body to become more flexible for child birth the first thing that comes to mind? If you answered yes, i'm here to inform you that it's not true.

Stretching poses are of the least importance in a Prenatal Yoga class!

Don't worry we do still stretch out areas of your body that are likely to hold tension, however there are many other incredible benefits to gain from these classes.

Here are 3 Facts About Prenatal Yoga

1. Prepares your Body for Child Birth

Pushing takes strength. There are yoga poses that prepare the muscles you use to push in childbirth. Pushing also takes stamina. There are yoga sequences that build your stamina.

You can embody simple breathing exercises that are useful when in childbirth

2. Creates a Bond with Baby

What is yoga without mindfulness? In a prenatal yoga class the time is given to slow down in your movements and bring your awareness to your bump. There is space in the poses to talk/sing to baby and connect.

3. Mind & Body Connection = VALUABLE for Child Birth

Prenatal Yoga teaches you how to feel this connection. You will learn awareness of your body's reactions to your mind and how these reactions are different when your mind is calm and when your mind is tense. This awareness can help you remain calm in labour.

Are you interested in starting a prenatal yoga class?

I invite you to send me a message! I'd love for us to connect to see if these classes are a right fit for you.




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