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5 Pregnancy Discomforts Yoga can Relieve

Let’s just take a moment of pause and admire that we as women can grow a baby, a little being. This is so beautiful and incredible in my eyes! On another note, the changes that your body experiences when growing your little being can bring on many discomforts, like back pain, pelvic girdle pain, emotional roller coasters, leg cramps, water retention, fatigue and much more. I can understand how these discomforts may take the beauty away from what our female bodies can do.

When these discomforts arise, it changes your experience. When you're uncomfortable, it can affect your sleep patterns, daily routine, happiness and peace. The main desire is to find comfort! You seek what you can to find relief.

There are options to alleviate what you are experiencing. Prenatal Yoga is one of them.

Why Prenatal Yoga?

Prenatal Yoga safely moves your body throughout your pregnancy to release tension and strengthen your muscles. There are infusions of breath work that can support you through your pain, and much knowledge about your pregnant body is shared and focused on to keep you healthy and strong. This practise is a loving way of connecting with your body as you are encouraged to honour your limits and become present with your movements. It is incredibly informative about your anatomy, physical sensations, breath work and mindset.

Here are the 5 discomforts that Prenatal Yoga can Relieve.

Back Pain

When you become pregnant, your body changes. The alignment can change and with these changes can create muscle weakness and tightness. Your back pain could simply be from your change in posture, yoga brings your awareness to the postural changes and supports you in correcting it.

Pelvic Girdle Pain

60-70% of women experience pain in their pelvic region by their third trimester. Pain can influence the way you hold your body, how you breath and your ability to stay active throughout your pregnancy.

If you are in pain, yoga can help you maintain movement with modifications to the poses and maintain your postural alignment. Infusions of yoga breathing techniques can help calm your nervous system.

Leg Cramps

One class a week can help relieve your leg cramps. All poses stretch and release tension in your muscles, plus you will learn which poses focuses on stretching your calves so you can practise them whenever you need to. Simple stretches and movement go a long way with relief.

Upper Back and Shoulder Rounding

As you journey further into your pregnancy, your breasts become heavier and this creates a rounding through your upper back and shoulders. Stiffness and tension arise in this area. There are many stretches and poses in the Prenatal Yoga classes that focus on opening your shoulders and strengthening the muscles that have began to weaken. With focus on stretching your upper back and opening your shoulders you will find relief for your tension.


Fatigue is natural to feel, especially as you enter into your third trimester. Not all yoga classes require lots of energy. For those mamas in the third trimester we focus more on breathing and mindfulness with very gentle and slow movements to keep you moving, calm and internally balanced as you approach your due date.

Getting to know and understand your body through yoga is powerful and taking action to connect with and relieve your discomforts is stepping in the direction of self-love.

Love and warmth,


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