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Benefits Yoga has on Mind, Body and Soul


Yoga not only benefits your physical body, but your mind and emotions as well. I will share with you that recently when I would come into camel pose- ustrasana, I would physically become nauseous. As any one else would do, I would than immediately come out of this pose and generally avoid it in my own practise.

There was no explanation as to why I would become nauseous, as I was healthy, no flu bug in my system, it was only camel pose I would feel thisand as soon as I came out the flood of nausea would subside.

Energetically, emotionally and mentally, camel pose opens the heart and throat chakras. For some, to expose these chakras and be in such a place of vulnerability can become incredibly uncomfortable. These are the parts of our bodies that we tend to protect and hide, with slumped shoulders and a curved spine.

To open the chakras can come a flood of deeply seated emotions that need to be healed. In order to heal, one must feel.

I would gently lower myself back and breath, I tried staying and sitting with this nausea, it was very challenging and most of the time I would come right out within a breath of feeling the uncomfortable. I avoided this pose for a long time before I would try again. Each time I lowered myself down I would focus on what thoughts came up, what emotions I felt with these thoughts as this was the key to healing it. Awareness was brought to what shifts I needed to make in my daily life.

~ Re-establish my voice ~Express my truth without fear ~Open my heart ~ Release grief and guilt

Shifts have been made, some are still continuous, but I can tell you now that as I lower myself back into camel (Ustrasana) I feel at ease.

Speak your truth ~ Open your heart

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