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Importance of Breath Work

Yogic breath work is known as Pranayama, and there are many different types of techniques to practise with many benefited outcomes.

Ujjayi Breath (Ocean Breath) is the main technique I bring into my classes. Utilizing your breath in poses helps to create ease and calm the mind. It also heats up the body and brings in balance and clarity. Thoughts come and go without you attaching to them.

Other benefits that come from it that you may not know of are support for the immune system and detoxifies the skin.

Come join one of my yoga classes to experience the benefits of Ujjayi Breath.

Over the week, I am going to share different Pranayama practises with you and the benefits than can come from these. There will be a video posted on how to do the breath work.

Which out of the listed are you interested in helping?

  • Anxiety/stress

  • Menopause

  • High Blood Pressure

  • Anger/Frustration

  • Common cold Insomnia

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