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Honouring my Female Body

Honouring my Female Body

Every month I experience discomfort in my body, this discomfort is described as menstrual pain. I have experienced menstrual pain since my first period. Every month I am awoken from my sleep to pain, stopped in my tracks from pain or can't leave my bed because of pain. I then feel exhausted and drained because of the pain. This has a knock on effect to my daily life and social gatherings.

The early stages of alleviating my monthly pains were taking over the counter pain relief. My pains were actually so strong that the relief I was taking wasn't doing anything, so I had to take prescribed medication from my doctor. The side effects were feeling exhausted, unfocused and not present. It was not only challenging physically to me but also challenging to have a conversation with people who expected me to carry on as normal whilst experiencing my pain. I have felt guilty for resting my body and taking a day off. Busy was my normal, so much so that resting and stillness felt foreign and uncomfortable for me.

A wedge was put in-between me and my body, the connection was disconnected as I couldn't understand why my uterus would hurt me every month. It was incredibly frustrating to dabble in many different remedies that would supposedly alleviate the pain and than didn't.

I respect doctors and their advice, however on this journey my doctor has not been able to provide me with the knowledge I need. "Experiencing pain is normal, just take pain medication before you start your period every day with the recommended dosage until the last day of your period." Or "Have you thought about going on the birth control?" Is all I have received from my doctor. I truly believe that there is an underlying cause and that I can find a way to understand my body, my cycles, honour my body and alleviate the pain. I truly desire that the knowledge of the female body, getting to know our cycles, education on the changes our body goes trough physically and emotionally, and female support to be more accessible than it is now.

I am still on this journey to heal my pain which has helped me develop self love and honor for my female body. As I have researched and explored, I have come to respect and get to know my female anatomy, energy and cycles.

I have tried yoga, reiki, 5 elements acupuncture, fertility massage, tracking my cycle, reading books about menstruation, filling up on knowledge about our emotional body and it’s affects on our physical, divine feminine energy work, medication, birth control, over the counter pain relief, hot pad, baths, gentle exercises, changing my diet, monitoring my stress levels.

All of these remedies have helped in some way. 5 Elements Acupuncture has brought on the most relief I have felt in my years of exploring alternative methods. Fertility Massage has brought on emotional healing and clarity on the subject. Yoga has helped me breath through the pain and honor my body and cycles, it has taught me to sit comfortably in rest and stillness. Tracking my cycle has taught me so much about my emotional cycles. Getting to know yourself is so powerful. It is key to maintaing your wellbeing and building a strong connection with your body.

Although there hasn't been a POOF, my pain is gone remedy, I have improved massively with how I manage my discomfort and have built such a strong mind body connection. Self love is at the centre of it all.


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