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What does Self-Love Mean?

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

What does it mean to love yourself? A lot of what we hear around this discussion is that self-care is taking a bath and cooking a nutritious meal, pampering yourself with a spa day or enjoying a warm cup of tea in front of a fireplace, reading a book or connecting with nature. Those all sound absolutely wonderful. If you’re seeking healing with self-love I believe there is more depth to your self-care.

It is important to make time for ourselves, to re-energize, recoup, rest and take part in things that make us feel radiant. If you’re seeking transformation from the inside that radiates externally than there is more depth to your self care than taking a bubble bath. Everyone is unique and will find their own support system that resonates when it comes to self healing and transformation. Some seek spiritual awakening, others seek healing through expression of words or movement.

On my journey of self-love and transformation it was yoga and reiki that resonated strongly with me. Yoga brought awareness to my internal dialogue, which was a transformative shift in my life cause what we say to ourselves our body and soul can hear. We are our own worst critic and we can be mean. I used to come into a challenging pose and criticize myself. “The person next to me can do it so why aren’t I? Why am I resting, I don’t need to rest, keep going, push yourself.” Are the many things I used to say to myself without honouring my body and not even being fully aware of how this was affecting me.

There were many times I would glance over at the mirror on the other side of the room and judge the shape of my body. As I moved through the practise, the awareness was brought to those actions and how I was being on my mat. How we are on our mat can mirror how we are in life. The instructor would share tools, knowledge and insight that would support me and everyone else in the class on our own journeys with our practise. It was up to us to value what was being shared, or not to.

Reiki was spiritually transformative for me. I found pieces of my missing voice and strength and courage I thought I lacked. It turns out all those pieces I was seeking externally for, were already within me. I just had to create space and delve within to shed the layers of criticism and judgement towards myself. Open my eyes and really see the beautiful radiant strong woman I am, she was so hidden. It was resonating with someone else who supported me in creating space for myself and guiding me within to find what I was seeking.

I learned and am still learning to set healthy boundaries and that took courage, I shed the protection around my authentic being and followed my hearts desire literally to the other end of the world.

Your body is your temple, it is what your soul has chosen to reside in during your time on this earth. You must honour it, nourish yourself with good foods, plenty of water and love. Self- love is more than doing nice things for yourself, it’s journeying inwards and nurturing yourself from the inside out. Go inward, support yourself, show compassion to your past self and present self. Heal the past and cleanse your emotional cycle. Love who you are and all that you are to the best you can. S

hed the layers of challenge that come with it.

That is self love, allowing yourself to radiate as your true authentic self, setting healthy boundaries with others and expressing your truth without apology.

When you honor yourself, you inspire others to do the same.

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