Meaning Behind The Cues

Hey Mama, 

There are some cues I will use in the yoga classes that may have you questioning what I mean by them. Here is a little explanation for my most popular cues when I lead you into the poses. 

Hug Onto Baby - When I use this cue I am talking about your core engagement. Yoga is a lot of core work, when we are pregnant our core is engaged in a more gentle way. Bring your awareness to your belly. Place your hands on the far sides of your belly and slide your hands together at your belly button. Now imagine engaging the muscles where your hands were as if those muscles were gentle hugging baby. 

Lift Baby from Below - When I use this cue I am talking about engaging your Pelvic Floor Muscles. The muscles located behind your pubic bone. Contract  those muscles as if you are lifting baby with them. 

If you have any questions about the cues, please reach out to me at