Weekly Online Yoga Classes


Gentle Yoga Flow

Wednesday @ 6.30 pm - 7.30pm (GMT)

A 60 minute live online yoga class taught through Zoom. You can access this class from  you laptop, phone or tablet. 

This style of yoga is a flow sequence which means we will be moving from pose to pose in unison of your breath. This is an ideal class if you are seeking the following. 

- A yoga class for beginners

- Strengthening your muscles

- Alleviation of back pain

- Improving flexibility

- Mindfulness and relaxation

£7.00 Per Class

Click the button below to get in touch with Jadine about booking your space. 


Private Yoga Instruction

Private Instruction

Deepen Your Personal Yoga Practise

Are you looking to deepen your yoga practice? 

- Connect with more advanced poses in your practise

- Connect with a practise tailored specifically to your body's needs

- Dive deeper into Yoga Philosophy

- Recovered from an injury but not  comfortable attending a group setting 

- Develop your practise so you can move on your mat with confidence 

- Deepen your mind body connection 

I would love to support you with your practise growth! Together we will create an Empowering Yoga Practise tailored specifically to you. 

Let's connect and get to know one another!


Yoga Class Compliments

Loved Yoga this morning. Especially like the pace of how Jadine Hertz leads the class through the moves. She takes time to explain how to do the moves and how to improve on what we do. I come out of each yoga session feeling on top of the world and ready to take on the challenges of the day. 

Louise Allen

Had the most amazing yoga class this morning with Jadine Hertz - so inspiring and uplifting. I really honestly loved it! And she's just beautiful with the most amazing accent ever! And... I managed to stretch that much that I could hold my own toes!! Haha Wahoo #Yogawin

Jo Williams

Big thank you Jadine. This morning's yoga session was amazing. My heart is feeling it.

Kathy Hamilton

I first met Jadine when I came for a reiki healing massage. The massage was deeply relaxing, Jadine was so welcoming & put me right at ease - couldn’t recommend the treatment enough. I have also always wanted to join a yoga class but never had the confidence, after talking to Jadine about her classes I plucked up the courage to go - & I’m SO glad I did! The classes are again so very welcoming for any stage yogi, I didn’t feel silly at all, I have since kept going & love each class more & more. Jadine is so intuitive, has a genuine passion for taking care of yourself & listening to your body. I always walk away on cloud nine - her classes are a must for everyone x

Abigail Royle