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Hey There

​I am Jadine, the founder of Jade Tree Healing!


I am a warm hearted Canadian woman who loves adventures like hiking, camping, paddle boarding, travelling and more! I am passionate about women's health/wellness and enjoy great conversations over coffee at a local cafe. Women's wellness is a  big a passion of mine. I find nature to be my teacher, always reminding me of the lessons behind season cycles, death and rebirth, patience and growth. 

My Story

When Jade Tree Healing was just a seed planted with a great intention held within, I found myself working out of a Women's Wellness Clinic with a great mission to support women who were trying to conceive. During my time there I guided women through guided meditations and reiki to help them relax throughout their fertility journey. Outside of fertility, I guided women from the ages of early twenties to late sixties through gentle yoga classes that helped them create calmness in their daily routine and a connection with their souls.


One day  everything changed....


Numerous pregnant women started to reach out wanting to come to my yoga classes. As I was teaching, I felt like I was doing them a dis- service. They were lumped in with women who weren't pregnant and  I believe the transformation that comes from pregnancy, birthing a child and early motherhood is BIG. It's a journey that should have it own yoga class for, so women can feel seen in their challenges, learn about their bodies and create a resilient mindset.  So I chose to specialize in Prenatal/ Postnatal Yoga and Child Birth Education. 

My mind was blown and a very strong passion for guiding women to create an empowered pregnancy, birth experience and early motherhood journey ignited.


I was left asking the following questions....

Why aren't we as women taught this about our bodies? 

This one health care provider can help women reduce risk of tearing and heal profoundly postpartum, why aren't doctors referring them? 

Why is there so much shaming around birth and motherhood?

I have these choices? Why wasn't that shared with me?


I started to see a connection with my own life and the birth tools I learned. In my personal life I was going through a metaphorical death and rebirth. 

I was able to apply the tools I learned from birth education and prenatal yoga to my own life as I birthed a new life for myself. I now teach some of these tools in my yoga classes and apply them in women's retreats as I see that no matter the journey, our lives move through a process of death and rebirth over and over and over. In that process, we need a little support and guidance in surrendering to the unfolding, releasing our grasp on trying to control every little thing and creating compassion for self. 


Jade Tree Healing's seed grew into a little tree that is firmly rooted in supporting women's womb wellness and surrendering to cycles of the soul. This is now an online international community that was planted in North Wales and expanded to Western Canada. 

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