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Imagine having the tools to help you cope with labour contractions and the opportunity to practise these tools before you birth your baby. You have unlimited access to the content and practises.  You feel supported in showing up for your birth preparation with a weekly accountability check in's that don't shame you for missing a week but gently encourage you. You not only begin to feel more confident with your ability to cope but feel stronger in yourself.

Imagine having the education about the stages of labour, what to expect in your body sensations, advice on how to cope with each stage and a guide for your partner to support you.  You feel empowered with knowledge and a sense of relief within yourself  that help you relax and you begin to see the impact it has on your daily emotions in pregnancy. 

Imagine having the support to not only  process your fears about birth and becoming a parent but to build a resilient birth mindset that helps you create an empowered birth experience.  You feel validated with the fears you express and excited to take part in building your birth mindset for the process is much simpler than you thought and the content is eye opening. You begin to see the birth mindset practices not only help you prepare for birthing your baby but transform your life in how you perceive and process daily challenges. 

Imagine how much more confident you will feel to process or make a decision or give consent to your birthing team if your birth goes in different direction than you imagined because of learning from a birth preparation program versus winging it with no birth preparation.  You have a step by step program that teaches you about your body, the stages of labour, making decisions and giving consent, mindset, pain coping tools and so much more.  You feel supported in your learning with weekly check in's. You digest the content and resources  that leaves you feeling open minded, strong and excited to birth your baby and become a parent.

Inside the Conscious Birth Experience

The Conscious Birth Journey takes Mom's to be through many layers of birth preparation that include physical preparation, birth education and building a birth mindset all to create an empowered birth experience. 

This is a self led program with access to the content for 12 months.

What's Included 

Prenatal Yoga Classes & Guided Meditations

Unlimited streaming of 13 Prenatal Yoga Classes safe for 2nd and 3rd trimesters and a variety of Guided Meditations to help your relax and sleep  

Pain Coping

Learn a variety of tools that can help you cope with labour contractions and take part in activities where you can practise these tools  

Mindful Pregnancy and Parenting

  • Self compassionate journaling and writing a letter to your baby 

  • Learn about pregnancy trimesters and common symptoms and recommended self care practises 

Build Your Birth Mindset

  • Learn about the mind body connection and labour hormones 

  • Discover your birth values and beliefsCourageously  acknowledge and process your birth/ parenthood

  • Take part in creative activities to help you relax and open in birth, remind yourself to "keep going" when exhausted and wanting to give up

  • Pick your Birth Affirmations

  • Build a strong mind - body connection

  • Create a resilient and open minded birth mindset so you can confidently decide what to do next if birth unfolds differently than you imagined

Birth Education

  • Stages of Labour 

  • Birth Positions

  • Recommendations for coping in each stage 

  • What to expect in a Caesarean Birth 

  • Making Medical Decisions and Giving Consent  

  • Hospital Bag Checklist

Postpartum Preparation

  • A workbook filled with advice and a check list of what to put in place before baby arrives to help you transition into your first 6 weeks with a newborn 

  • What to expect in the first 6 weeks in motherhood with self care ideas

For Birth Partners

  • Labour & Delivery Tips 

  • A guide for you to help birthing mother in labour and ideas of how to support in each stage along with self care guidance 

  • A print out of questions and process to help you make decisions and give consent if a procedure is being proposed 

  • A quick guide to help you start preparing for your first 6 weeks with a newborn  

Easy to Navigate & Self Led with Access to Content for 1 Year

Support Monday - Friday 10 am - 5 pm MST

Weekly email check in

Join the Wise Woman Community 

Loved by Mom's to be Just Like You

Rachel, Prenatal Yoga Portal Member

I really enjoyed the range of classes and the fact that there were shorter and longer classes too, as a yoga newbie you explained things very clearly and I felt the pace was perfect!

Robyn, Prenatal/Postnatal  Yoga Portal Member

I used to practise yoga once a week. I looked forward to my weekly yoga class as it felt like a treat. Now I can enjoy it whenever I like! I don't have to wait and I don't have to for the scheduled day, I can practise whenever I like!

Tiesha, Prenatal Yoga Portal Member

I was looking for a new way of movement during my late stages of pregnancy, as an aerial instructor I felt like my pregnant body had taken movement and my fitness away from me. I just couldn't achieve the things I once could. That's when I found Jadine. I had a month trial of the prenatal online yoga package and absolutely loved it. It gave me a reason to move my body & stay strong all whilst knowing that what I was doing was completely safe for both me & baby. I was also pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to use the website & follow the videos. As I had never practiced yoga before the different options were a godsend, and the breathing tutorial was very much appreciated to help me relax and destress during the difficult days that we all have. I would 100% recommend any pregnant woman to give this a go, you won't regret it!
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