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Birthing a New Version of ME

I have every intention to create a beautiful life with my one life on this earth as me, Jadine Hertz. The process of birthing my dreams into my reality has become a beautiful personal transformation again and again.


I am birthing a new version of myself over and over.

The most challenging part of this journey has been my mindset - overcoming the fear of the unknown, standing by my choices and feeling self doubt.

For those of you who are just connecting with me, there is one thing you'll get to know about me real quick, and that is my greatest super power. My greatest super power is my intuition. I believe that connecting with my intuition, checking in regularly and trusting her is the most powerful tool to have in my journey through life, no matter the phase.

It has been a journey in itself to establish my intuition as my greatest superpower. There was a time where I didn't stand strong in it, let alone trust it. Authentically speaking, I still have wobbly days where I question myself and feel unsure. Especially on the days where I feel...

  • Scared of the unknown

  • Judged for my choices

  • Self doubt

The tools I choose to connect with.

  1. Yoga

  2. Guided Meditation

  3. Affirmations

These are tools that I find ease the moment, the day , the journey. They are powerful because practised daily they slowly chip away the story I am telling myself that creates my fear. They slowly chip away at the judgment I have towards myself for the choices I made/make.They slowly chip away at the doubt I feel about myself. What does this leave me with? Transformation.

Almost everyday I wake up fearful of the unknown. Almost everyday I judge and question my choices. On some days I feel like hiding from my life, afraid to birth into a new version of myself and retreating back into my perception of "comfort".

The truth about a SOUL Birth is that there are some big deep reflections that will arise. How do you know you're on the verge of a SOUL Birth? You will feel..

- Scared of the unknown

- Self- doubt

- Judging yourself for your choices

- Anxious

- Impatient

- Fatigue

" I invite you to SURRENDER" - Jadine Hertz

All the above emotions cause a sense of discomfort, much like a yoga pose. A natural response to discomfort is to resist or run. I invite you to surrender into it, just like I invite moms in my prenatal yoga classes to surrender into a yoga pose.

Let go of resistance, feel it, lean into it, be gentle with yourself.

When in a space of discomfort the desired outcome may be to completely eradicate the emotion you're feeling.

Why not shift the outcome from eradication to creating ease within the emotion you are feeling?


Jadine Hertz

Jade Tree Healing

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