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4 Tips to Cope with Labor Pain

Hi Mama,

Would you like to receive some helpful tips on how to cope with labor pain?

I am a Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga Instructor supporting Mama's with preparing their body & mind for child birth so that they can be heard when gracefully expressing their needs to their partner and birthing team.

In this blog you can expect to connect with 4 helpful tools that can help you cope in your labor.

Breath work

Out of all the tools you can have on your tool belt, breath work is the best one to have. It is much more powerful than we give it credit for. It's a great thing to put all your focus into to distract from the pain of your contractions.

If you would like to learn what breathing techniques to use in labor I invite you to join the Pregnancy Yoga Program today to begin preparing. Click here to learn more.

Birth Affirmations

Connecting with mindset tools can go a long way! Birth is an uncontrollable process and asks of us to surrender and trust in the process. Surrender and trust reside in the mind. Your mind is responsible for creating stress, worries and control. It is also responsible for creating surrender, trust and hope. In discomfort our mind easily jumps to discouraging thoughts. Birth affirmations remind you of the positive possibilities you can experience with your child birth. When your mind goes into discouragement and negativity, you can choose to remind yourself of the possibility and perceive the experience differently.

Would you like receive a 55 Birth Affirmations for free?

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Know your Options

Do your research. Discuss pain management options with your birth team. Choose the option that you feel will support you best. Many Mama's have a desire to experience a natural child birth and feel that if they choose pain management it takes away from the natural experience.

I invite you to listen to yourself. Know your options, acknowledge how you envision your child birth to go and what you desire with the experience and remember to balance that with what you need.

Massage Techniques

Your birthing partner can help through massage techniques. If you have a Doula then they certainly will have some great techniques to support you. Massage a great distraction from the pain. The touch promotes a release of oxytocin and it's a great way for your partner to feel involved when it comes to supporting you.

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